My Alternative Lifestyle 

By wording the title that way, does it make me a lesbian? No. I’m actually one of Jehovah’s Witnesses. Some may think that’s even weirder than being gay. I am happy to say I am entirely happy with my life. Did I choose it? Yes. Without a doubt, I chose the best life I believe I can ever live.

“But you still have a brain disorder, why not just use that as an excuse and do what you want?” some may argue. Even though I am limited mentally, there is no excuse for acting out against what I believe is the truth from the Bible.

Doing what I want means following the Bible’s standards. Doing what I want does not mean listening to the crowd as the world just drags me along. Doing what I want is doing what God wants. 
Peace out. Amen. 


One thought on “My Alternative Lifestyle 

  1. Funny I relate to so much of your writings. In this Blog the line that jumped out and slapped me in the face was the first line of the second paragraph. That of using the disorder to do whatever you want. I know for myself I see it slip in, but not by choice. Bosses will give me a task knowing that theres a 80% chance of success and a 20% of me just forgetting the whole thing. Nothing is ever 100%. So its like i always have a pillow to fall on. Which i feel is wrong and not fair to the next guy. So I choose to fall hard on my bottom so as to feel it and correct the following actions. Even if the bottom is a skinny boney one. Thank you agian for the post…


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