Treasures in Heaven 

My family is not used to being receivers. They don’t ask or even expect from others. We are all in a crisis in our individual lives yet, Jesus taught that there is more happiness in giving than receiving. Oh how true! 
Many have inquired how to help out my family during this difficult time (Nicholle’s bipolar manic episode). 
These are a few ways we’d appreciate your concern: hugs at the hall, a quick message to my mom & dad (they are exhausted) via a thoughtful call or text (we plan to print and keep these), stop by to meet our pig (he is very loving but nips so be cautious). 

Also pre-arrangements in the ministry with each of us, donating to the Kingdom Hall, and/or bring over and sharing in a meal with us (my three favorites) help tremendously!
Any small thing you share might be building up treasures in heaven–the unseen, everlasting kind. 

We would appreciate any gesture of your kindness and continued support. We will continue to show our support and gratitude for you, our loving brothers and sisters, by sending prayers for all of you!!! 

Thank you to all who have already reached out to Nicholle. Her FAMILY needs you all too. 

Love, & Aloha!!!

CONTACT INFO-Patti: (808) 987-8038

Ken & Patti Stover: 73-4100 Kulanui Place #3, Kailua-Kona, HI 96740

FB: Patti Stover, IG: pattistover, email: 

Visiting hours: 10-12am or 4-6pm (please stop by, no need to call ahead)


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