Inside My Mind

Let me take you on a journey, a journey into my intricate manic-depressive mind. I have to admit that I experience more highs than lows. In my mind this is fun and exhilarating and preferable to the down days. Yet, most who know me would prefer the tranquil, subdued me over mania me. My fire is too hot and blazing for most people to take. I love too hard and I need too much and I yell too loud. Can I control it? Not really. Can the medicine tame the beast? Yes. So, alas, I give in, knowing meds will be a norm for me as long as I live. It’s okay. I can take it. 


One thought on “Inside My Mind

  1. I will say, I very much enjoy your writing. Thank you for sharing these thoughts that come from behind the veil of the mind…😊😊😶


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