❤️ Crazy Stupid Love 🌈

What is another word for bipolar? Is it manic-depression? Or is it just little old crazy stupid love. ❤️ I technically think that it could be both. Some people ask me how do you feel about how others think about your bipolar illness? I often tell them, it’s just a little thing in my brain. I act normal “sometimes”. But we’re all actors on the stage of life. 


3 thoughts on “❤️ Crazy Stupid Love 🌈

  1. Aloha,
    I can easy relate to the craziness part , for I at times or most must look it to others. For I have lost what is so common to all if not most of the All. Memory… To many its a tool that seems to be attached and rarely leaves ones side. For me its thats tool that can never be found. Especially when lifes crying for it as everything falls apart all around. Many times if not all, my days are like putting together a puzzle when no picture is to be found. But amongst all my daily chaos, misses, spills, dings and dents. In the end I’m thankful that I can forget. For what I choose to keep I will turn around and dig, climb and search for…. As for the rest, what I never had never had never will be missed. So you ask can anyone sympathize, and I say yes. For what we have is a struggle, one not seen by many if not none at all. I ask of no one to walk in my shoes, for that is not fair and right. But please take note of them and maybe ask where they’ve been.
    So thank you so much for this loving and beuatiful share….

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