Find Your Creative Outlet: 5 Amazing Benefits

Let me start off by mentioning that the primary creative outlet I’ve been using of late, my crafting, has lead to a new business endeavor, which has its humble beginnings in my Instagram Account @crafty.hawaiian.girl. Feel free to follow & check us out here:

I have never been the entrepreneur type yet I’m always open to new ideas and this business is definitely more of a passion & hobby than it is a job. Can’t all work that we choose for ourselves  be viewed in that light?

A few of my other current creative and fun outlets include: Tap Dancing, PenPal’ing, Planning & Planners, Calligraphy & Lettering, Playing with my Nieces (ie: Grape Monster, Mouse Trap, Mask Decorating, Castle Building…the list goes on, you name it, never a dull moment), Blog Writing, Jogging (kinda/sorta creative but mostly just a healthy outlet), Coloring, The Art of Communication, Making Gifts for friends… and many more things!

5 Benefits of a Creative Outlet can be found here:

The following is a summary of the 5 benefits:

1) A break from anxiety and stress:

Who doesn’t need a break from anxiety & stress in this crazy world we have to put up with? Most breaks are healthy and they allow us to refresh ourselves and restart anew.

2) A healthier body and mind:

According to research studies, practicing a creative outlet can lower blood pressure, the stress hormone cortisol, and body mass index, and even reduce your negative thoughts and levels of depression. Health is wealth.

3) Scheduled time for yourself:

Setting aside time to do an art you enjoy is very crucial to one’s well being, yet often overlooked or pushed aside for something ‘more important.’ A schedule to go to the gym or a dance or pottery class for instance, helps you to stick to your commitment to practice your art, plus the money you spent is an added motivation to get the most out of it. Your body will thank you for it later.

4) A chance to meet new people:

I found this to be a great opportunity to meet some amazing people when I first started adult tap dancing 3 years ago. Some of my wonderful new friends from tap  who continue to inspire me to this day are: Michelle O, Robin O, & Roberta S, to name a few. It bonded us to the point that even though we had to put our official class on hiatus, we decided to meet together weekly, yet unofficially, to pursue our passion.

5)  A healthy outlet:

Today we find a plethora of adult therapy  coloring books. Therapists have been using this strategy with children who’ve undergone tragic events for decades. If it works for them, it can work for us.

The health benefits of a creative outlet or two are innumerous. We all love to feel good and this is just one way of expressing our self love. ❤️

Stay tuned for next week’s blog:

I Love Me: Pick A Happiness Anthem 🎶


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